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Imagine Your Learning Program

You have the task of helping others learn how to do something important - and I want to help you be as effective as possible. I've worked as an instructional designer and professional facilitator for the past 12 years, covering a wide range of topics, industries, and modalities. Whatever your learning needs may be, let's develop what you imagine it can become. 

Creating or improving a learning program/course requires several steps. I can take you through the whole process or meet you where you are and go from there. Schedule a free needs analysis call to get started. 

Instructional and Curriculum Design

*Course/Program Creation - 

Needs analysis, planning, designing, curriculum building.

*Course/Program Conversion - Shifting your in-person classes and workshop into virtual or web-based courses. 

Learning Technology

Course Modality - In-person or online? Live or recorded? What technology to use? Let's review options and pick the best way to deliver your program. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Maintaining, improving, or launching a learning system to deliver programs and capture important data. 

Delivery and Evaluation

Delivery - Determining the most effective way to launch and deliver your course/program. 

Learner Experience - Creating an optimal experience to ensure learning occurs. 

Evaluation - Analyzing feedback and other measurable outcomes to make sure that you are getting the outcomes you desire.

Imagine Your Learning Program: Services
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