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Imaginative Coach and Learning Consultant


In a conversation with a co-worker one early morning when we were discussing what our "real-life super power" would be, she told me mine was my "ability to imagine how things could be." The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it was! Throughout my career as a coach, instructional designer, learning facilitator, and leadership guru I've always had the ability to imagine how things could be and to get them there.

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Other Tidbits

My work helping others through solving problems with learning started fairly early. In high school, I applied to a teen leadership conference but was rejected because "I was a girl." No joke - it was only meant for boys, and it was the only leadership development program available in our area. Luckily, I had an awesome mentor and guidance counselor who encouraged me to act on my idea to create my own. Soon enough, I hosted and facilitated my first ever women's leadership conference - at the age of 17. Fast forward almost 20 years, and I was in charge of the leadership development program for the largest employer in my state. This example probably best describes me and my work - throughout my career, I have used learning and coaching to solve problems. To create things that haven't been created before. To hopefully make lives better and to make the world a better place through helping others.

I have been in the Learning and Development field for over 13 years, specializing in instructional design, leadership development and coaching, learning technology, and facilitation. My specialty the last several years has been on converting existing in-person courses into virtual or web-based classes. It is fun to translate engaging activities into the online format, and I'm dangerous enough with authoring software tools to get by. 

If you want to know more about my professional experience, check out my personal LinkedIn page. 

When I am not working or nerding out over the latest science fiction story, you can find me tending to my urban homestead (city chickens, garden, composting, and maybe soon some bees), hiking, attempting to train my dogs to behave, taking my kiddo to the science center, engaging in cooking experiments, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends.

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