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Imaginative Development

Empowering people to explore possibilities

Imaginative Development is a personal and professional development company specializing in coaching and learning consulting services to help you develop what you imagine for your life, your team, your learning program, and the world.

The imagination is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to make ideas become a reality. Imagine what we could create if we just set our minds to it! 

Whether it's for your team, your learning program, or your life - You have what it takes to make a change. Let me help you tap into your greatest resource! 

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."  - Albert Einstein

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Imaginative Development is dedicated to helping others change the world - whichever way that makes the most sense for you. With four key services available, all utilizing imaginative methods, you'll be able to access your own inherent creativity to reach your goals for your life, your team, your learning program, or the world.

Imagine Your Life

Time to make a change in your career?

Hoping to get that management promotion? 

Have a personal goal you never get to?

Looking for your life's purpose?

We can explore these questions, and more, through coaching. 

Imagine Your Learning Program

Developing a leadership program?

Moving your class online?

Want to teach others some important life skills?

Launching a Learning System?

Whatever your learning and training needs are, I can help.

Imagine Your Team

Looking to increase moral on your team?

Or to bring a new cohesiveness?

Trying to come with a strategic plan?

Or maybe you just want to have some fun.

Together, we can plan a team event or retreat that will get your team where it needs to be.

Imagine the World

It can be overwhelming to stay connected to current events in the world right now. And if you are connected, it's hard not to panic, or to feel stressed about where to start helping. 

Let's figure that out together through the use of workshops, practical tools, and conversations. 

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About Me

Imaginative Coach and Learning Consultant

In a conversation with a co-worker one early morning when we were discussing what our "real-life super power" would be, she told me mine was my "ability to imagine how things could be." The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it was! Throughout my career as a coach, instructional designer, learning facilitator, and leadership guru I've always had the ability to imagine how things could be and to get them there.

Now, I help others utilize their own imaginations to create the life and world they've always dreamed of while having some fun doing it. 

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